August 18, 2016

Available Spaces

Cavatore Italian Restaurant

Available Spaces

Our company offers a variety of rooms for company dinners parties, large groups vendor socials or other events that are planned throughout the year.

Cavatore has the following menu options for lunch:

  • A la Carte
  • Set Menu
  • Buffet

Dinner options:

  • Set Menu
  • Buffet

We will charge extra if more food is needed. There is a minimum per person fee if your whole group does not show in any case. *All changes to your menu have to be given to us 5 days prior to the event date.

Bar and Alcohol options are as follows:

  1. We sell $8 pre-paid drink chips in bulks of 50. Which allow your guests to order beer, house wine, and house liquor. The first batch of chips has to be pre- purchased before your event date. NO refunds or holds on unused drink chips.
  2. Wine bottle service we can help you with the selection of wine choices to fit your menu.
  3. Our facility offers Cash Bar as well as Open Bar option.

Cavatore Italian Restaurant will assist in making your event as formal or informal as you would like.

If there are any particular requests you have for your event, please inquire and we will assist you. Email us at: or call him 713 869 6622 cell


Wine Room


The Wine Room

  • Seats up to 12 guest
  • No fees required
  • No minimum guest cost
Garden Room

The Garden Room

  • Seats up to 40 guest
  • $200 room fee required from Mon-Sat evenings
  • Friday  and Saturday evenings must meed a minimum of 25 guest
  • Cost per person is a minimum of $35.00
  • Access to a private patio area
TV Room

The T.V. Room

  • Seats up to 55 guests
  • $300 room fee required Mon-Sat evenings
  • Friday and Saturday evenings must meet a minimum of 40 guests
  • Cost per person is a minimum of $35.00
Piano Room

The Piano Room

  • Seats up to 75 guests
  • $500 room fee
  • Monday thru Saturday must meet a minimum of 60 guests
  • Cost per person is a minimum of $45